Very few cities in the U.S. successfully rival Orlando when it comes to culinary spectacles. As a matter of fact, more people are starting to visit this Florida city exclusively for the food experience! But while nothing rivals the culinary scene in this destination, you typically have to know just where to look if you want to make the very most of this experience. To that end, I’ll be highlighting my top recommendations below.

5 Best Food and Drink Spots to Try in Orlando in 2024

To reiterate, you’re going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to fine wining and dining in this wonderful city. That said, certain places elevate the food and wine service to an art. The top spots that always do it for me include:

واحد - Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Show

الموقع الجغرافي: 8267 الدكتور الدولي ، أورلاندو ، فلوريدا 32819

Come for the food, and stay for the mystery.

What if you could stimulate your palate AND your mind all in one go?

Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Show is where you want to be if you want to dine like royalty and don the cape of a master shamus. The beauty of the mystery show is that it’s part scripted and part improvised, thus offering the perfect balance of structure and unpredictability.

In addition to solving mysteries, you could also get a cameo in the show as well. Finally, the wine, beer, and soft drinks run endlessly, making it ideal for a solo or family trip.

اثنين - Medieval Times Dinner Show

الموقع الجغرافي: 4510 W Vine St. Kissimmee, FL 347146

Dine at the Medieval Times Dinner Show in Orlando and be a part of history both literally and metaphorically! The metaphorical part of the deal is simple enough; you get a 3-hour dinner packed with 2 hours of Live medieval action, a one-of-a-kind 4-course meal with the same theme, and free parking for added measure!

As for the literal part, you may be surprised to learn that this dinner is the longest running of its kind on the entire continent! So, visiting exposes you to history that’s decades old (and fun!)

Three – Pontoon Pub Crawl, 5 Lakeside Pubs and Restaurants Visit by Boat

الموقع الجغرافي: 1000 Lake Howard Dr, SW, Winter Haven, FL 33880

Most adults have bar crawled at least once in their lifetime. However, I’m willing to go out on a limb and say you’ve probably never done so by boat before!

The Pontoon Pub Crawl, 5 Lakeside Pubs and Restaurants Visit by Boat is a 3-hour long event that lets you take the scenic route to explore Orlando’s pub scene. What’s more, as you’ll be moving in pretty small groups, you get to have a more personalized and memorable experience. Plus, because you’ve got a trusty guide, you won’t need to worry about who’s driving!

أربعة: Wander & Eat in Orlando’s Hidden Main Street District

الموقع الجغرافي: 201 N Bumby Ave, Orlando, FL 32803

Wander & Eat in Orlando’s Hidden Main Street District is one of the lesser-known food spots in Orlando, comparatively speaking. However, that only made the dining experience there more magical for me. Unlike the other entries on my list so far, you won’t get too many theatrics here. What you WILL get is a detailed breakdown of the rich history of the area with intermittent stops to dine on everything from authentic Mexican Taco to unique sandwiches and sides.

خمسة: Pirates Dinner Adventure

الموقع الجغرافي: 6400 Carrier Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

All aboard for a truly quirky and adventurous dinner with Pirates Dinner Adventure! Get ready for a night of light-hearted silliness and fun, the likes of which you’ve never seen before. The spread here includes a wide area of dishes for both vegetarians and meatatarians. And for the nearly two hours you’ll be there, you’ll be entertained by the antics of perhaps the goofiest pirates ever!

الحد الأدنى

Like with all things, Orlando yet again shows that the city can get pretty creative and fun, even when it comes to food! So, don’t miss out on these adventures!

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